I'm Jeff Giagnocavo, an ally for integrator and operator lead businesses.

Clients I like to work with. The Integrator led successful businesses with gross sales exceeding more than $1.5MM annually in sales as a starting point.

Integrators are the owner-operator types who are great with people, and customers. Not so great with marketing, big ideas, and getting out of their own comfort zone.

They are willing to try new ideas but have found that having an ally for their ideas, someone to truly lean on and bring to push them to new levels is a key ingredient missing from these new ideas taking hold.

Typically these businesses I work with have the opportunity to grow 300 - 500% in the next 3-5 years and position themselves for a big cash event.  

You can read more about what I do, and how I approach opportunities, with Integrators like yourself in a fractional Chief Visionary Officer role, right here on this page. Just scroll down to start reading my success recipe for 300-500% growth.

Or book a call and we can dig into your opportunity to grow 300-500%*TBTL%20Gold%20Logo%201500*png?alt=media&token=f62697f8-bcd8-4000-8f3d-5f61b1a7c3da

Are You a Business Owner Frustrated With Your Income & Life...

Read on for my baseline approach to business and how I've replicated this for others.

Discover THE Pathway From Overstressed Business Owner...
to Big Cash Events!*IMG_5328*JPG?alt=media&token=32d12758-dce4-42ed-b56d-3ade8688147a

How Close are You To Your First Big Cash Event in Business?

This isn’t about selling your business...

This isn’t about taking on equity and losing control...

It’s about the shift into your own investor seat in your business...
...So You FINALLY Get To Do Business and Life On Your Terms!*IMG_5330*JPG?alt=media&token=9d111ca1-e615-4566-af72-8bca2ca68c25

Here's my prediction about you...

As a Main Street type business owner (who sells their products and services face to face) to achieve the freedom and fortune you dreamed of when you started out...

The old ways of good service, fair pricing, and word-of-mouth business doesn’t work and isn’t good enough anymore...

In fact, it frustrates you, and might even make you mad as though something has been taken from you. As the years have gone on you feel it should be easier, not harder.

So...Instead, you must shift away from “turning the wrenches” and shift into your  own investor seat, sitting empty right now, for the big cash event you deserve - and have earned!

Watch This Important Video and Why This Shift is Important to You, Right Now.

My name is Jeff Giagnocavo. Creator, Founder and living The Big Ticket Life. 

I also co-own a successful retail mattress store generating 7 figures in revenue (3x the average of a "good store" in my industry), have a six-figure information-marketing business that runs on autopilot, and in 2022 launched a clothing and apparel brand.
Because I live The Big Method principles I work only 2 days a week in my retail business, have weekends off and often you'll find me riding my Polaris® Slingshot® or camping at our family full-time campsite. 

I lead business owners to their own big cash events so they finally do business and life on their terms and Live The Big Ticket Life by using my Big Ticket Methods.*JoshuaEves-Testimonial*png?alt=media&token=1ce4240a-baac-4f76-8535-d0bf7f1a30af
From No Life to Big Ticket Life

For 11 years (and counting) of retail business ownership plus running an information marketing business, I’ve worked to put it all together, become a market leader, and daily outmaneuver Amazon and other online competitors. 

My business is now unstoppable because of The Big Ticket Methodologies behind The Big Ticket Life. 

The Big Ticket Method is about you doing your very best work, the kind of work you’d be proud to tell mom about. If Grandpa came back from the grave it’d be the first thing you tell him after hugging him. 

It’s what you’re proud to tell everyone about at a networking event.

The Big Ticket Method is a way of life and business built around the most fulfilling, exciting, and delivered results you give to your customers when they pay you. 

It’s about finally running your business 100% on your terms, your way with no apologies to anyone - ever.

The Big Ticket Method, its results, and The Big Ticket Life you earn from its efforts isn’t about what you sell, it's about the story your customers tell their friends and family about you and your business.

It's about shifting into your own Investor Seat for that big cash event!

A $30,000 Mattress Sale That Changed Everything

In 2011 as I opened the retail mattress store I knew I simply could not be "The Low Price Leader" or "The Local Guy" or even "The Family Owned Store in Town for Years" because none of that was unique, special or different. None of this would lead me into my own investor seat or get close to any cash events.

Within 2 years of opening, we had shifted the business entirely to the point where selling $5,000 - $10,000 and even $30,000 mattress sets were a common occurrence. 

All of our thoughts and decisions were confirmed when we secured the business of world-renowned marketer, copywriter, and business consultant Dan Kennedy an uber-affluent consumer with high expectations. 

Look him up, he's a behind-the-scenes type of guy for products like ProActiv® / Tupperware® / Miracle Ear® / Weight Watchers® / It's Just Lunch® if you or anyone you know has purchased from any of these companies in the last 20 years it's likely because of Dan Kennedy.

I am proud to call Dan a customer. 

He flew to our store by private jet bypassing HUNDREDS of other stores to experience The Big Ticket Method in action. He invested in his very own custom-ordered $30,000 Carpe Diem Swedish Sleep System.*-no-subject-jeff-gardnersmattressandmore-com-Gardners-Mattress-and-More-Mail*png?alt=media&token=26d63863-5265-4546-ad92-b4843d68a46e

Dan's Testimonial Affirms The Big Ticket Method Works When Business Owners Take Investor Like Action and Focus on Cash Events!

And I've Been Perfecting it For 8 Years Now!

In Dan's testimonial, he highlights the Dream Room, one of our many Experiential TouchPoints. With our sales and delivery process, we Created Complexity and Showcased Simplicity. He mentions our marketing methods referencing our books and guides which I call Growth Assets.

The First
Big Ticket Method Principle
Growth Assets

Growth Assets are the ingredients to your business that propel your marketing from Joe Average business owner to the undeniable expert and authority in our market.

I’ve been using a combination of Growth Assets like informative buyers guides, tips sheets, and books since the inception of my retail business. In fact, our first buyer’s guide was written and produced before we opened the doors to our business on May 19, 2011.

The only thing to trump the use of authority and expertise as a selling position is true A-list celebrity. Think of the Kardashians. They are in the business of The Kardashians and selling everything that is Kardashian. They are very smart even though you may not think so.

It's Time to Kardashian Your Business, & Make Money Like Them Too!

Remember you have your life, doing your “salt of the earth work” and they have their lives with net worths in the tens of millions selling their lifestyle. And for the record, I believe they add no cultural or societal value to our world. This doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them.

So back to you and your lack of booty, looks, and sex appeal. The next best thing you can do is to properly communicate your worth and the value you bring to your customers with the printed word.

And by printed word I MEAN printed word. Sure you can have digital buyers guides, tip sheets, and books but you also need printed materials.

These can be put in the hands of your prospects, wrapped in quotes, used as pass alongs and referral tools. There are opportunities afforded you by publishing your own informational material, which is now easier than it has ever been, and since your positioning is elevated in the market as the expert and authority - opportunity really can be limitless with these growth assets.

What Others Say About Growth Assets!

Robert Mitzel, Owner (From 2017).
Sleep On Mattress
Bismarck, ND

"As soon as I saw the Buyers Guide Jeff was using and suggesting I use, I knew it was the thing I had been looking for. This guide has helped us stand out and give our customers the extra confidence to shop with us and trust what we were telling them.

As a newer store in town that does not carry any big “S” brands, (Simmons, Sealy, Serta) we’ve always had an uphill battle to gain name recognition as we break into this market. These guides have, without a doubt, helped lead to our success starting off as a new store and I know they will continue to do their work for us moving forward as well."*RobertMitzel-Testimonial*png?alt=media&token=2de6761e-cbed-4df5-99cb-d87f7acc68cb

The Second
Big Ticket Method Principle
Experiential Touch Points
Watch - The Art of 5-Star Experiences

"The Customer Experience", "Her Journey", "How to Sell to Millenials" - if you’ve attended any industry-specific conference these sayings and even more obvious drivel are uttered at every turn and moment.

Walt Disney summed it up best - “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Do you think this statement doesn’t apply to YOUR BUSINESS? Of course not, this is a foundational element to business success. Now maybe you’re reading this and you own a "boring business" such as a septic tank company like my friend, Big Ticket Business owner, and who lives a Big Ticket Life - Anthony Martirano.

No one wants to look inside a septic tank that is for sure. But what he creates, the experience his customers have is what all their friends are in awe of. Imagine being able to go to a mountain top cabin in the Northeast hills of Pennsylvania, miles from civilization, and flush a toilet without issue. Have no worries about toilet clogs. Live as though you’re in a major metro area.

If a Septic Tank Business Can Win With Big Ticket Methods You Can Too!

And Anthony is the king of being #1 all while being in the business of #2! 

His customers, while not leading with their septic tank successes, create memories with friends and family in that cabin. They can do so comfortably without worry year over year because of the fine work Anthony does. He is fully bought in on the Big Ticket Methods and lives a Big Ticket Life.

He doesn’t dig the holes and deal with actual human waste. He invests in his business daily and when he’s not doing that he’s riding snowmobiles, horses, or four-wheelers living a Big Ticket Life.

For years he focused on the investor seat and cash events and reaps those rewards every day - he no longer has to put up with anyone's #2.

I’ve just given you quite honestly the most utilitarian example of a 5-star experience possible. In light of this "boring business" example, what 
EXACTLY is your excuse to not be bought in at every single point in your business with Walt’s wise words and truly deliver on 5-star experience with what you do?

Certainly, YOUR BUSINESS is more glamorous than septic tanks!

Please understand one thing. When I highlight Anthony as owning a "boring business" I only use those words as compared to say an "exciting business" like renting exotic cars. Unless you're the Kardashian clan "keep on keepin' on" adding value to this world. I want nothing more than for every corner of this entrepreneurial world to be full of wealth and happiness.

What Others Say About Experiential Touch Points

The Third
Big Ticket Method Principle

E = MC ² 
Create Complexity to Showcase Simplicity

Every business owner has the EXACT business they want and permits to exist. The more simplicity you actively accept and have put upon you, the more consternating your day becomes.

Sometimes you just need to do the damn work!

This seems like an audacious thing to say, but the reality is if you constantly chase the simple pathways in your business you can easily be outdone at any and every turn.

Those who create deep and complex systems will always delight their customers and yet it will appear very simple to your customers - and your team. Why is that?

When your processes guide your team, your team knows what to do each and every day and your customers are delighted in return - they spend more, give reviews, refer and purchase again.

Create Complex Moments of Delight

When there is an opportunity to delight, surprise, and elevate at any experience touchpoint it should be explored, then tested, and invested in.

Businesses who simply exist to make the exchange - services/goods for cash are living on borrowed time. Each and every day Amazon works harder and harder to own everything. It is their stated mission.

I want to be clear about this process of Creating Complexity to Showcase Simplicity. This is not about micromanaging this is about OVER-MANAGING the process for best results.

What Others Say About Creating Complexity to Showcase Simplicity*infotail-testimonial-1*jpg?alt=media&token=4e92455f-7182-42df-9bbc-ac66f8618d86

The Life of a CEO Turned ChEvO™ who Should be His Own Invsetor

I see all too often business owners proudly claiming to be the CEO of their business when they should be striving to be their #1 Investor within their own business.

In reality, they are ChEvOs.
CHief EVerything Officers.
That’s right a ChEvO™.

Let me ask you this.

If you were severely injured today where you endure weeks of hospitalization and months of focused rehab and at the most, you can have 1-2 hours of conversation and maybe some emails daily, what does your business look like tomorrow? Next week? Next month?

For most ChEvOs the business is gone within weeks to months at best. Because they, as the owner AKA ChEvO, are the business. Because only they can close the big sales. Handle customer complaints. Ensure fulfillment is done right. Handle the purchasing and payables. Only they can place the ads and tweak the website.

So the question begs itself is your business just a job with a ton of headaches, stress, and legal obligations that only pays slightly above the pay grade for others in the industry?

The Big Ticket Method moves ChEvOs from doing it all to running your business like a true CEO first, but then moving you into the Investory Seat for those big cash events.

Like myself I know plenty of friends as business owners sitting in their own Investor Seats, who act as investors in their own business, working 1-10 days a month in their business focusing their time on cash events, personal endeavors, or other businesses but nothing they do is ChEvO like at all.

Micromanaging is the life force of ChEvOs, and ChEvOs have terrible businesses and lives.

The Big Ticket Method, and all that comes with it, is about setting the expectation for your team and your customers about “what happens around here.” It’s about understanding there is gain to be had when trouble arises and when it doesn’t and when your team and customers do good things.

Every interaction positive or negative creates an opportunity to excel, and your process to over-manage for best results is how you shift from the ChEvO seat to the Investor Seat in your business and earn those cash events all while living The Big Ticket Life.

A story to be told and a story to behold

When your customers refer to their friends they tell them the story you gave them - a story to be told.

But when their friends ask a probing question about the experience, your customer digs deep, as though they had equity in your business, and says you must go see them, here’s why - a story to behold.

This phrase is both meant for your business and for your life.

RIGHT NOW what is the story your kids are telling about you, your spouse?

Are they supportive and proud or do they wish they had more time with you? What story are you telling in your business? What story are you giving your customers to tell about you, what you sell, and the results you deliver? Most importantly, how good of a story can you give them to tell others?

Read that last sentence again. 

What would your family say about all your years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears poured into a business that forces you into a box? Where you consistently answer them with “just one more month” or “I’m about to turn the corner, hang in there.”

When will you stop missing moments, being too tired, mentally and emotionally absent?

The Big Ticket Method transcends business; it creates a Big Ticket Life too.

The foundation of The Big Ticket Method is about outmaneuvering Amazon. Would it surprise you to learn that dental work has moved to Amazon? How about book publishing? Custom-tailored shirts?

No business is safe from Amazon, they have a stated goal to be the everything store. No business, not even your business is safe. If it's not Amazon nipping at your heels it's very likely some other online tech giant or equity fund flush with endless amounts of Wall Street cash.

If it feels like they all are working against you to take the roof over your head and food from your table, it's because they are! So what will you do? Tuck tail, cry in a dark corner - get a job when it all falls apart?

Or will you make a stand right here and right now?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a game plan to flip the script and get your own Wall Street Pay Day?

Your shift into the Investor Seat begins the minute you move from ChEvO™ (CHief EVerything Officer) to acting as an Investor in your business focused on cash events. Running, demanding, and making moves in your own business like that of a real Wall Street investor.

The good news is while you still need to shift from ChEvO™ to Investor - you have one advantage over Wall Street leaders. No boards, no corporate raiders, and most importantly you don’t have to live quarter to quarter with earnings results.

But, You might just have an even bigger enemy... YOU.*fail*jpg?alt=media&token=1da4916a-969e-46ed-82fd-98f1e3c72dfd

Using the Big Ticket Method you’ll create such a big divide between you and your competition. You'll outmaneuver Amazon. You’ll finally live your dream of a highly rewarding and fulfilling Big Ticket Life - finally doing business and life on your terms.

Your Big Ticket Life begins with a simple discovery call to see if your business matches up with The Big Ticket Methods.

Most importantly we'll discover if your own self-determination can truly shift from ChEvO™ into Investor like actions within your business in order to live a Big Ticket Life.

We will see if you are ready for the cash events.

Truth be told some businesses, and owners, actually don’t match up with the principles of The Big Ticket Method

- Growth Assets
- Experience Touch Points
- E = MC² - Create Complexity, Showcase Simplicity

The #1 reason businesses fail to level up with The Big Ticket Method is that the ChEvO™ stands in the way of success.*power*jpg?alt=media&token=44823205-17d6-4ac9-b17a-ae16512d576e
During our call, we will accomplish the following,

1) See If You Can Pass The ChEvO to Investor Test
2) Understand Your Opportunity Position in the Market
3) Discover Opportunities for The Big Ticket Method Principles in Your Business

Book your call today, it’s a no-obligation 30-minute call. Because I live the principles of an Investor and live a Big Ticket Life if you feel this call was not worth your time and you learned nothing I’ll donate $50 to one of my favorite animal rescues, Zoes House, in your name.

So-so Income......or......Big Cash Events?

Hit & Miss Family Time......or......a Big Ticket Life with no regrets?

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