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Will you help me share a story of tragedy turned into triumph? 

My new book will inspire you to add new tools to your leadership toolkit while helping those you love and those you lead.

I wrote this book to not only tell my story but to inspire others to turn their tragedies into triumphs through connective leadership with those they lead.

May I count on your support and ask you to purchase at least one copy of my book? 

Who Must Read This Book?

➖ If you lead successfully (or very effectively) but keep deep dark truths hidden in plain sight.

➖ If you lead people through their healing but put your own healing last.

➖ If you lead people and work so hard to help them find success while placing your own success last.

➖ If you’re looking for answers to make the world around you better.

➖ If you’re seeking to understand why what has happened to you can be used to better yourself and those around you this book is for you.