90 Days to Drop Your ChEvO Habits, Shift into the Investor Seat in Your Business and Win on Main Street - So You Can Do Life & Business Your Terms.

Say YES to the YOURSELF so YOU can finally...

- Earn the big pay days 
- Earn the best customers 
- Earn the big profits 
- Earn the accolades and adoration of your industry and your customers 
- Take back control of your personal life
- Shift into the Investor seat in your business
- Set a course to finally do life and business on your terms 

The 90 Day Big Ticket Life Roadmap to Success!

Our time together is about a consistent schedule combined with constant action and implementation for success.

I coach you together in our group of up to 8 other business owners at a time, with direct access 1:1 support and you also have direct access via text, messenger, and phone.

Mondays - you lead a team meeting using my WWWNWB meeting which brings your team into the fold and helps with implementation as we move along. Takes only 15-20 minutes of your day

Tuesdays - I deliver you the weekly training on Big Ticket Methods around Growth Assets, Experiential Touch Points, and E=MC2. You leave with action steps, there is time for Q&A. Each session will typically run 60 minutes, depends on group Q&A, I stay on if you have questions and need help.

- you hold a family WWWNWB meeting which helps them see the process, support you and understand the positive shift and change that will unfold. Takes only 15-20 minutes of your day

Thursdays - 1:1 call in day where you have direct time for your questions and my focus on your needs. 25 minute call block times will be made available to you.

Fridays - Implementation & Planning Day, wrap up the week's efforts to lead your team into the following week. This sets a positive course for growth as you go into your weekend. 30-45 minutes of your day

All tools, tips and tricks to accomplish each days goal are a part of the program. 

Access to me will be made available to you each week with blocks of time in which I can be available to you outside of the above schedule for your questions, needs, answers and support. We will work together, directly, to see you succeed!

Yes I am Ready to Live my Big Ticket Life!

Chose which investment option is best for you

The 90 Day Big Ticket Life Reboot is $5,000 You save $500 (end of year savings)!

- Full pay option enjoys the $500 discount and gets a 1/2 day virtual consult with me


- Three pay options enjoys the $500 discount, with the investment spread out over our time together

Joining on the same day of the event by 5pm East Coast Time means you will be sent the Growth Asset Bonus Gift....

The Essential System to Creating Your Own Educational Shooks.

This is a $1,000 course that I've sold in the past, yours FREE for joining me in this program.